BMI 55 Magnum Bodygrip Spring Trap

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It has taken us over two years, but finally we have been able to obtain stock of the much missed BMI 55 Magnum trap.   We are not sure if or when we will ever get any again.  If you like the 55 then this may be your last opportunity for a long time, (possible ever), to buy any.

The baby brother of the 110 and 116, these very effective traps are currently approved for use on rats, mice, and grey squirrels. Almost the same height and spring as a 110, the BMI 55 Magnum is a much narrower trap, being only 4.5 inches across.

However, the 55 is probably the most difficult of the approved BMIs to use.  It is only suitable for trappers who already have plenty of experience with body grips, for a number or reasons.

  1. They are much harder to set – although the spring is the same as the 110, the frame is only very slightly shorter there is something about the BMI 55s which makes that spring harder to compress. Bodygrip setters are recommended.
  2. They are more prone to the spring eye going ‘past the corner’ and along the top or bottom rail. This is common on all bodygrip traps and in the US trappers often do it deliberately to release the tension on the spring when the trap is in storage.  The 55s come with a cable tie holding the spring partly closed to prevent this happening in transit and bursting the box.
    Care should always be taken when handling the traps in case the spring should jump. 

A video is available here to explain more.

As with all Spring Traps these must be used in a tunnel in order to prevent harm to any non-target animals, however for these traps the tunnel usually supports the trap as well.

Advice on using these traps effectively is provided in our book, Traps & More Trap Making.

From 1st April 2020 these trap are no longer approved for stoat in the UK.  Where stoats are known to be present, or likely to be caught, an AIHTS compliant trap should be used. As the law is currently unclear about accidental stoat catches, anyone setting a trap must do their own risk assessment.

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