A18 Goodnature Repeating Squirrel Trap

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A18 Goodnature Squirrel Trap

The Goodnature trap really is a massive step forward in small mammal trapping – it is a self resetting, repeating trap which can fire multiple times without any intervention.

We are happy to confirm that the A18 Squirrel trap was approved in the Spring Traps Approval Order for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. For Scotland in particular there are extensive and specific conditions of use.*

The trap are approved for the Grey Squirrel and (just like any other spring trap) must not be used where Red Squirrels are present and must be used according to the conditions of the Order.

– Patented self-resetting technology
– Easy to install and maintain
– Contains no toxins
– Targeted and humane
– Multi-award winning design
– New Zealand designed and made

Each Kit contains:

  • A18 Trap unit
  • Strike counter
  • 1 bottle of long life hazelnut lure
  • 2 x CO2 canisters

For commercial and safety reasons we cannot supply these to customers outside of the UK.

*Extract from 2018 Amendment for Scotland which must be applied in conjunction with the other conditions of the full order:

The trap must be (a) set in a natural or artificial
tunnel or enclosure which is suitable for
minimising the chances of capturing, killing or
injuring non-target species whilst not
compromising the killing or taking of target
species or (b) set at a minimum height of 30cm
off the ground and entered by an artificial tunnel
attached to the trap and that protrudes for a
distance of no less than 70mm from the trap
entrance, which is suitable for minimising the
chances of capturing, killing or injuring nontarget species whilst not compromising the
killing or taking of target species.

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 by Rob English
Excellent traps

I was sceptical with these traps to start with as they seemed a lot of money for just one trap. But i have to say that they really are a fantastic trap. I now run 7 of them and have another 2 on the way. I was asked to clear the squirrels at a public gardens, if i didn't have my A18's i couldn't have done the job, as checking them daily wasn't possible or cost effective. Also having a dead squirrel hanging from a Kania trap for the public to see wasn't an option either. Running four A18's I have killed 82 squirrels in the past 4 months. On top of that I have only had to remove 3 dead squirrels as the local fox and badger population have taken the rest for dinner. When you work out the saving in labour costs compared using Kania's or Fenns the A18 is a good choice. As you only need to check the counters and lure status once a week or even every 2 weeks, it frees up a lot of time. If you are sceptical like i was then just try one trap and see how you get on. The A24 rat version is also good, but don't expect a quick fix to a major rat problem. Use them as a long term project to control rats around farms or stables, or in rodenticide sensitive areas.

 by Len Potter
Good Nature A18 Grey Squirrel Trap

This trap does not work for me. Sqirrels take the bait from the tree but refuse to enter the trap.
I have used the lure provided, peanut butter and peanut concentrate all are readily taken from baited tree trunk immediately below the trap, but squirrels will not enter the trap. The trap has been tested at 500mm. 2M & 3M above ground but all to no avail.
We have a real squirrel problem in our woods. This trap is therefore a HUGE disappointment.
I would be pleased to hear other peoples experiences of using this trap.

Hi Len. Much like the early days of the A24, people tend to be either having positive results with the A18 or, as in your case, quite poor results. Again placement and environment seem to be key to success - not just about height but it's about position in the Woodlands, prebaiting regimes and a number of other environmental and positional factors. GoodNature UK have worked with a number of customers to turn round problem situations and I believe they are working on a best practice guide to help UK trappers use this trap effectively. I can't pass your details on the without your permission but feel free to get in touch with them direct.

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