Goodnature CO2 Canister

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Goodnature CO2 Canister

Suitable for both A18 and A24

Containing 16-grams of solid CO2, the Goodnature canister provides the power for your traps. Goodnature traps must use Goodnature’s CO2 canisters because they are guaranteed to be the highest quality and not damage your traps.


  • 16 gram CO2 canister
  • Up to 6 months of trapping per canister
  • Non-flammable
  • Single use
  • Recyclable steel
  • Up to 24 resets in A24s

Please note: the A24 Trap must only be used with Goodnature gas canisters because they have a silicon based sealant and other canisters will damage the product.

For commercial and safety reasons we cannot supply these to customers outside of the UK.

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Weight 50 g

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