Handmade Game Carrier – Heavy Duty

£12.00 (inc VAT)



A variation on our standard light weight game carriers, these are a little bit special.

Available in a variety of colours and patterns to match our range of spun poly, these carriers are made from thicker, more tactile material.

These game carriers are handmade for us by Flatcap & Whippet and have enough loops to carry 12 rabbits, pheasants or other game.  One has even been tested doubled up to carry 24 rabbits which is more weight than we’d like to carry across a ploughed field.

When not in use they fold up to almost nothing and you’d easily fit two or three in a trouser pocket.

Where possible we’re matching these carriers up with our spun poly so that you can have matching nets.


Additional information

Weight 60 g

Lemon & Lime, Holly, Congo, Babylon, Canary, Wasp, Surf, Patriot, Menace, Rhubarb & Custard, Wally