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The Kania 2000 Trap is another trap designed for the wider range of quarry and the more relaxed rules of the Canadian and American markets. It is very powerful trap which ensures a quick, clean kill but is also quite capable of breaking your wrist and so should be handled with care.

There are two models available, the 2000 and the 2500 both approved under the English Spring Trap Approval Order for use on grey squirrels, mink, stoats, weasels, rats, mice and other small ground vermin. In the UK it is most commonly used to control grey squirrels but also mink. It has the advantage of being easily mounted on trees, posts or walls so that it is out or reach from the ground – safe from accidents and free from interference.

The 2000 model is fitted with a box which covers the spring mechanism, protects the rear of the mechanism and serves as a bait holder. Under UK law a suitable tunnel is also required on the entrance side of the trap when use in the open. This is in order to minimise the chances of harming non target species.

Advice on using these traps effectively is provided in our book, Traps & More Trap Making.


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