Snare Making Starter Kit – 1Kg & Woodga Snaring DVD

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Buy the DVD wire and eyelets together in this easy to order starter kit.

A 1kg reel of soft brass rabbit snare wire, manufactured in the UK to BS2873 and factory loaded onto reels.  Suitable for making rabbit snares as demonstrated in Woodga’s Professional Rabbit Snaring DVD.

1kg is enough wire for approximately 150 x 6 strand snares.

Plus 200 snare eyelets.
Plus Woodga’s Professional Rabbit Snaring DVD.

Please Note:

  • This kit is for just the snares and not the tealers.
  • Since this DVD was made, new best practice guidelines on the use of snares have been introduced . In Scotland the 2010 Snare Order has made some of these guidelines a legal requirement.  All users of snares have a responsibility to keep up to date with changing advice and legislation in their region, which is usually published on government websites.

Snaring in Scotland: a practitioners’ guide Edition 4 published Dec 2012 – a guide to best practice and the revised legislation in Scotland.

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