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Fourteenacre is a small, family business created way back in 2008 out of our own interest in traps and trap making.

When we first got interested in trap making, it always seemed very difficult to find the sort of the detailed design information that we needed. Likewise it was then just as much of a struggle to get hold of the right bits and pieces to actually make the traps. In the years since then we have built up a lot of experience in knowing where to look and what’s going to be useful. We have made it our business to keep searching and to share the things that we find.

In the workshop we identify, create and source the sort of products which we would want to buy ourselves; whether that’s trap making parts, tools, books, DVDs or anything else. Many of the products we sell are not only hard to find elsewhere, but are often completely unique.

We look for things that have genuine practical value and we are more interested in the content than the packaging. Our first book, Trap Making step by step, was published for just this reason – we couldn’t find anything like it so we researched and wrote one ourselves.

It’s this desire for practical products that lead to the Craftmen’s Market place. Whenever we get the opportunity we like to work with skilled craftsmen and women from around the country who make and use their own equipment. We get to sell some fantastic and interesting products this way, which we know have been tested in the field and honed through use and experience. It also gives these artisans an opportunity to get recognition and reward for their skills, ingenuity and hard work, without the overhead of setting up a sales business.

Although we might be small, we’re serious about what we do. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and every customer is treated as an individual. Fourteenacre offer a full money back guarantee on any faulty or unused purchase returned within 28 days.

There are 4 ways to buy: Use the ‘Add to Cart’ buttons and pay securely via PAYPAL using credit or debit cards. Give us a phone call and we can process your card request then and there. Alternatively visit my ebay shop or simply send us a cheque. Most items can be shipped worldwide and many have discounts available for bulk orders. Please email us to enquire about any item you’re interested in.

Please take some time to have a good look around the website. We are adding new stuff all the time and the site will continue to grow as we get more feedback and questions from readers so keep coming back. You can also read independent reviews of the some of the products and the feedback that people have sent to us. You can even see some of the Readers’ Gallery showing pictures from people who’ve used the plans from our book.

Any comments or suggestions please use the comments facility, or the contact page to let us know. You can even join our new facebook page to keep up to date on new products.


Fourteenacre Team

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