Bulk Deals

Some of our small products, like eyelets and cage clips are available in different quantities on the main listings. For other, more expensive products we’ve been working on wholesale or bulk quantity discounts and we’ll keep adding to these as we go.

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  • Spun Poly - Standard Colours

    500g Spun Poly – Standard Colours

    Volume Discounts Apply£9.00
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  • BMI BodyGrip Spring Trap 110

    BMI 110 Magnum Body Grip Traps

    Volume Discounts Apply£11.00
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  • MI BodyGrip Spring Trap 116

    BMI 116 Magnum Body Grip Trap

    Volume Discounts Apply£14.00
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  • Fenn Mark 6 Trap

    British Made Genuine FENN Spring Traps – Mark 6

    Volume Discounts Apply£11.00£220.00
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  • Fenn Mark 4 Trap

    British Made Genuine FENN Spring Traps – Mark 4

    Volume Discounts Apply£10.00£212.00
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  • Bulk Large HD Clips

    Large Gauge Cage Clips (HD7) BULK PURCHASE Box of 1,224 Clips

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  • Snare Wire

    Rabbit Snare Wire – no eyelets (0.5kg, 1kg, 3kg, or 10kg)

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