Bodygrip Traps

 This style of trap is very popular and common in the USA with some very large and powerful sizes in use, (the Conibear 330 is strong enough to kill beavers and racoons). The BMI Magnum 55, 110 and 116 traps are specific variants that have been tested and approved for use under UK law and only these or their equivalents may be used.  In fact the BMI Magnum 116 is specifically made just for the UK market.


The 55 is only legal to use on rats currently (plus grey squirrel in England only), while the 110 is approved for use on grey squirrels, stoats, weasels and rats.  The more powerful 116 is approved for mink and rabbit, in addition to those listed for the 110.

Bodygrip 110 & Cubby Tunnel

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