Fenn Traps

Fenn Traps take the name of their inventor Alan Fenn are not from the similar sounding Norfolk fens.  The most popular and enduring of the FENN products are the Mark 4 and Mark 6 spring traps.  The Mark 4 is approved for use on grey squirrels, stoats, weasels, rats, mice while the slightly larger and more powerful Mark 6 is also approved for mink and rabbit as well.

Under UK law Fenn style traps must be used in tunnels, and in fact in order to work properly the design of the trap relies on the presence of a tunnel roof at the correct height.  That is, there should be hardly any gap above the jaws when closed.  The Fenn traps were originally developed to be used on the ground and although there are now some innovative ideas for using Fenns ‘off the ground’ they still need to be set a flat, level surface.

Fenn traps work well in both ‘run through’ tunnels set along runs, against walls, between straw bales or on natural or artificial bridges.  Tunnels that are blocked at one end and baited, known as ‘blind sets’ are also effective but remember to put the bait behind the trap.

Buying Fenn Traps

There are now three manufactures of this style of trap who are named on the Spring Traps Approval Order; FENN, Springer and Solway.   Beware of cheap imitations – usually that exactly what they are and you’ll be both disappointed and breaking the law if you use them.  Both the Mark 4 and the Mark 6 are available in the Fourteenacre shop.

Fenn Mark 6 Trap

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