Half Barrel Traps not staying set

Dafydd Asks:

Hello.  I recently bought some duffus traps after not being satisfied with scissor traps on our farm.  The problem is that they’re so touchy and set off before you but them in the ground and sometimes one goes off by the time you’ve done the other side.

Do I need to adjust them before using them ? They say on box they are British made (Pest-Stop).  If you could let me no it would be most appreciated thank you.

John Replies:

Hi Dafydd

It’s hard to be specific without seeing the traps and Pest-Stop are not a brand that we sell so I can’t comment on what they’re overall quality is like. However the two most common problems with cheaper traps are either going off too easily, or not easily enough.

The key to the trap staying set is the way the two ‘hooks’ fit together – the one at the top of the trigger and the one at the end of the retaining arm.  If the trap is firing too early you might get some improvement if you can make both those hooks a bit more like 90 degrees, as show in the photo below.  If this retaining arm is made from wire which is too weak it may be bending under the pressure of the spring.

If you’re new to Half Barrel traps you might also find this booklet useful   Using half barrel mole traps

Cheers, John

Tunnel Trap Set

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