DOC Traps

The DOC traps are a range of 3 very powerful vermin traps, taking their name from the New Zealand Department of Conservation who helped develop them.  Although still quite slow to become popular in the UK, the DOC 150 is the best all round model for UK species.

Until recently the trap could only be used in a special wooden housing made and shipped from New Zealand – making an already quite expensive trap completely unaffordable.  However changes in the 2012 Spring Traps Approval Order now permits housings to be made locally, to the Department Of Conservation design and standards.

The DOC traps has a very powerfully sprung killing arm which when set, is held upright against the side if the housing.  When triggered by pressure on the trap plate the arm falls with tremendous force.   the housing itself is designed not only to exclude non-target animals, but also to direct the target to the optimal place for a quick and humane kill.

T the moment these are not an item that we stock, but we are able to show some pictures of the DOC 200 and a housing which we built in our workshops here.


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