Squirrel trap or cage ?

Arvind asks:

We are inundated by squirrels making holes in our garden.  What sort of trap or cage would you suggest?

John replies:

I suspect your problem is with grey squirrels but you should know that red squirrels are protected and cannot be trapped.  However they’re only present in a few very rural areas and not in great numbers so I’m fairly sure you have greys. But have a look at pictures on the internet and make sure.

Now in terms if tacking your squirrels I would suggest a spring traps rather than a cage trap.   Grey squirrels have a fairly odd status under law – they are a non-native species so once you catch them you’re not allowed to let them go.  If you are going to kill them you have to do so in a humane manner and most households are not equipped to do that.  So it’s far easier to use an approved spring trap that will catch it and kill it dead.

If you’re new to trapping I would suggest the WCS tube trap – it’s powerful but self contained, easy to use and can be made pretty safe for other animals by using the end caps. (https://www.fourteenacre.co.uk/shop/wcs-tube-trap/)

The Kania range of traps are also a good option as they can be mounted on trees and walls.  If you want to use a lot of traps Fenns and BMI Bodygrips work out cheaper but require a little more skill to use.

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