Traditional Home Made Rabbit Trap – a simple cage trap

All Mesh Trap - Side View

Mesh Rabbit Cage Trap – Side View

A simple cage trap is probably one of the easiest traps to make and many people started trap making with a traditional home made rabbit trap.  The same principles can be used for making smaller cages for rats and squirrels but those clever predators usually need  a lock or spring on the door.

The corners need to be neat, straight and square so that the door and treadle can move freely.

The door can be held open using a straight rod attached to a treadle on the floor of the trap.  A rabbit walking to reach the bait will tread on the treadle, pull the rod down and release the door.

In these photos a Larsen Trap spring has been added to the door to make it close more quickly and remain closed.

All Mesh Trap - Front View

Mesh Rabbit Cage Trap – Front View

All Mesh Trap - Rod & Treadle

This is s good example of a ‘rod and treadle’ type trigger. The end of the rod is clearly visible here passing through the door and trap roof to pin the door open.

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