Welcome to Fourteenacre

Fourteenacre is a small, family business originally created out of our own interest in traps and trap making.
We recognise that many people new to smallholding and self sufficiency, will be unfamiliar with pest and vermin control methods, as well as the law surrounding them. The urgent need to take action is often only brought home by unexpected damage to crops, eggs or stored food, or the distressing predation of livestock. At Fourteenacre we aim to be more than just a trap seller. We have books and articles to explain what you can and should do to control vermin. We have a broad range of traps for everything from rats and moles to mink and foxes, as well as plans and tools to make your own. And if you're unsure what your best options are, then get in touch by phone or email and we'll talk you through it. We are adding new stuff to our websites all the time so it's worth coming back regularly. If there is something in particular that you're after but you can't see it then, please ask as we may be able to get it for you. Any other comments or suggestions please use the comments facility, or the contacts page to let us know. Cheers, John