Professional Fox Snaring by Glenn Waters

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Professional Fox Snaring

Glenn Waters is well known in the UK and abroad as a trapper and hunter of skill, knowledge and great ingenuity. Although just as handy with the trap, net or dog, it is the development and championing of humane snaring for which Glenn is probably known best.

Those of you who have read Glenn’s first book, on rabbit snaring, will be familiar with his early introduction to snaring and his informal apprenticeship with some of the snaring masters of the day. An experience which set Glenn on his own road seeking simplicity and perfection in snaring.

This book is a practical book, compiled from a selection of Glenn’s writings, articles, his hand drawn illustrations and photographs of his snaring at work. It describes the snare, options for support systems and discusses a range of anchoring systems. It goes on to detail the techniques for setting a snare effectively and any problems and challenges that you might encounter. It is packed full of original ideas, personal stories and lessons learned from a lifetime of experience – its is probably the most comprehensive book on fox snaring ever published.

Product Dimensions: 297mm x 208mm x 12mm
223 Pages
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Professional Fox Snaring – Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Role of Trapping and Snaring
Chapter 3. Legislation & Best Practice.
Chapter 4. Humaneness of the Snare

Section 1 – The Snare
Chapter 5. What Is A Snare?
Chapter 6. The UK Snaring Methods
Chapter 7. The Steel Snare
Chapter 8. Snare Eyes
Chapter 9. Snare Components
Chapter 10. Snare Swivels
Chapter 11. How to Make Snare Swivels
Chapter 12. Loading A Snare Loop
Chapter 13. Changes in Modern Snaring Technique
Chapter 14. Snaring with the Professional Large Loop
Chapter 15. Pear Shaped Noose
Chapter 16. Breakaway S Hook Bender

Section 2 – Supporting The Snare
Chapter 17. Tealer Sleeves or Support Collars
Chapter 18. Snare Tealers or Support Systems
Chapter 19. Different Tealer Support Systems
Chapter 20. Snare Loop Holder

Section 3 – Securing the Snare
Chapter 21. Securing Fox Snares
Chapter 22. Different Earth Anchor Systems
Chapter 23. Snare Stakes
Chapter 24. Snare Line Securing Methods
Chapter 25. Earth Anchors Quick Attach and Release Methods

Section 4 – Setting the Snare
Chapter 26. How to Set A fox Snare
Chapter 27. Preparing Snares for Use
Chapter 28. The Art of Camouflage
Chapter 29. Chin Lift for Fox Snares
Chapter 30. Using a Roller Spring Fitted Within the Stop Loop
Chapter 31. Snaring Fallacies
Chapter 32. Focused Line of Travel
Chapter 33. A Fox Mousing
Chapter 34. Safe Snare Heights to Avoid Badgers
Chapter 35. Extension Cables
Chapter 36. Snaring Faults with Low Set Loops
Chapter 37. Faults Causing Hip Snaring
Chapter 38. Snaring Problems and How to Correct Them
Chapter 39. Accidental Pee Post Set
Chapter 40. Fox Damage on the Rabbit Snare Line
Chapter 41. Releasing Accidental Catches
Chapter 42. Avoiding Entanglement

Section 5 – Special Circumstances.
Chapter 43. Snaring on Inclines
Chapter 44. Locations for Fox Snaring.
Chapter 45. Gas and Powerline Snaring
Chapter 46. Bushing in snares
Chapter 47. Alert Fox
Chapter 48. Sight Attractors
Chapter 49. Gang Snaring or Using Multiple Sets
Chapter 50. Unusual Snare Sets
Chapter 51. Bait Stations
Chapter 52. The Scottish Midden Snare Set
Chapter 53. Fence Line Snare Methods
Chapter 54. Snaring the Edges
Chapter 55. Setting Tram Lines
Chapter 56. Snow Snaring
Chapter 57. A Day at The Fair


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