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I came across this video late last year and have found it’s improved my catch rate significantly.  It was filmed and self-produced by Wayne Walton, a full time mole trapper who catches thousands of moles every year.  The filming and production is unquestionably amateur but I find that reassuring and the value is in the content. What you get is an honest and instructive insight into the craft and techniques of trapping moles – told by a professional in the field, in his own words.   The film covers an overview of trap types, trap tuning, mole behaviour (anatomy, tunnels, feeding nesting), trap placement in the field and trap setting.   Shows Fenn, Duffus and Talpex type traps in operation.

It is perfect for anyone trying to trap moles for the first time but will also provide the sort of hints and tips that any experienced mole trapper will benefit from.

  • Running time 101 minutes.

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1 review for Professional Mole Control DVD

  1. thedaddyis

    thanks— thank you 3 years i have been trying to catch moles 2 hours of your dvd how to do it yep 2 hours dug put in cup tea feed birds finished ready to go home then bang right in front off me so steel warm i have put trap the one with 2 ends back in same hole thank you for your advice and dvd so first trapfirst mole and you are right plastic tube dont work

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