Ladder Traps for Corvid control

Yorkshire Ladder Trap

Ladder Traps are often built by farmers and ‘keepers, like this one sent in by one of our customers.

Ladder Traps are large scale trap used for catching members of the Corvid (crow) family.  The key to the trap is a long ‘ladder’ shaped frame suspended across the top of a cage – hence the name.  The gaps between the ‘rungs’ work just like the funnel allowing birds to drop in but not fly out.

The size of these holes is key as are the smaller holes used at each end.

Wire mesh ‘skirts’ are often added hanging down either side of the ladder.

Ladder Traps can collect a large amount of birds in a short space of time and anyone using one must be prepared and equipped to deal with what they catch.  Birds must be dispatched humanely and with the minimum of fuss and distress to the remaining birds.

To find out more read our Modern Gamekeeping article on Ladder Traps.

Making Ladder Traps

Many ‘keepers and farmers make their own Ladder Traps and there is a plan for one in our book, Trap Making Step by Step.


The 'ladder' is the key component in Ladder Traps

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