Fourteenacre: Trap Making Step by Step

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Trap Making is a practical, economic and fun way to control vermin around the home or farm.


This book, written by John Bryan,is where Fourteenacre really began and which led to the website, the shop and all the other knowledge shared on this website.  Based on well proven traditional designs, this book gives simple step by step instructions which enable anyone with basic carpentry skills to make a range of traps.  Each chapter also includes a discussion on Options and Variations so that as the readers confidence grows, designs can be modified and developed with completely new ideas.

Trap Making Plans include:

  • Drop top box trap
  • See Saw Trap
  • Rabbit Drop Box
  • Larsen Trap / Magpie Trap
  • Pigeon trap
  • Ladder / Funnel Trap
  • Mesh Cage Traps
  • Fenn Trap Tunnel.

All of the detailed plans work with light weight wire mesh and wood in sizes that are easy to obtain from any timber yard or builders merchant.

  • Softback,  100 pages.


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6 reviews for Fourteenacre: Trap Making Step by Step

  1. M K-S, Oxfordshire (verified owner)

    The book arrived on Tuesday and my dad and I have started by making the drop top trap for rats. I have had no trouble at all making it, the instructions are really easy to follow.
    How did you think of such an ingenious design? If you ever decide to release another book I would love to have a look.

  2. AH Aged 13 (verified owner)

    Hello, just to tell you that I recently bought your Trap Making Step by Step book and found the designs really good and easy to follow. We’ve already made the basic seesaw and have got the wood for a Larsen trap. Congratulations, as it is a really good book, well done! Thanks

  3. Alan, Manitoba Canada (verified owner)

    You have caused a great deal of excitement in our small town. For years we have tried to keep the magpies under control and have never found an easy method. Well I built the trap, and we have been catching a magpie a day. Everyone wants to see the trap and it has become quite a topic here in town. I cannot thank you enough for your help.

  4. Steven M, Londonderry (verified owner)

    I have been meaning to write & say congratulations on a great book, I asked for mine to be sent in time for the weekend even though I bought it on a Wednesday night, and it duly arrived on Friday morning, Not only was I pleased at that, But it is a fantastic book and well done to you for putting it together, I wish you much success with it. Thanks

  5. JH, Lincolnshire (verified owner)

    Spent the weekend looking through it and I think it is excellent. My students will get a lot from this book.

  6. GP, Fife (verified owner)

    I just bought your book and it is well worth every penny. I’m a keeper and have been for the past 15yrs and come from a family of keepers and your book is an essential addition to any keepers bookshelf well done

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