Large Gauge Cage Clips (HD7) BULK PURCHASE Box of 1,224 Clips

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A bulk buy option for a whole box of 1224 Extra cage clips for use with the Large Gauge Heavy Duty pliers  – saving over 30% on buying the same quantity in packs of 100.

We have a limited supply of these BULK BUY clips, which come in strips of 51 clips, joined by a light polymer thread which just tears away.  You can separate the clips as you need them and it keeps the remainder all together and reduces the chances of you losing clips.  You can even use the strip to hold the clips in place while you fix it on.

Create a ‘tube’ of minimum diameter 8mm.

Width 17.5mm,  Height 18.5mm, Crown 7mm

Cage Making Clip DiagramLarge HD Clip Strip

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Weight 3800 g


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