Fineren BodyGrip Safety Clip

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If you are nervous of using bodygrip traps then a Fineren BodyGrip Safety Clip  can give you the confidence to become familiar with the traps.

Using a clip like this as a bodygrip safety clip was the brainchild of David Fineren as part of his development of the CRSP Fineren Bodygrip Box Squirrels.  When handling a bodygrip from the side in a tunnel required under UK law, it can be very difficult to use and remove a safety clip designed for the more relaxed USA regulations.  These clips are larger and stronger than conventional lead clips and have been sourced specially for this purpose.

Unlike most designs of safety clips these spring clips hold the spring of the trap not the jaw.  They won’t fall off, won’t slip and crucially are big enough to allow some slack in the spring.  You can set the trap and have all the tension taken on the trigger but still be confident that if it should fire, it won’t close on your fingers.


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