‘Fineren’ Bodygrip Box & Trap for Squirrels


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CRSP logoThis specially designed bodygrip box was developed by Dave Fineren to support his work controlling grey squirrels in Cornwall.  A full time trapper employed by the Cornwall Red Squirrel Project, Dave was looking for a simple, effective and safe way to use the BMI 116 Magnum traps which are a very effective and humane killing trap for squirrels.  Trapping mostly in woodlands Dave was particularly looking for a trap housing solution which would, as much as possible, prevent accidental catches of birds and other non-target species.

After months of refinement and testing in the field we are very pleased to be able to offer these boxes to a wider audience.

The Fineren Squirrel Box fulfills the two essential requirements for use with bodygrip traps; they support the trap to hold it in the correct position and also exclude any non target animals from the trapping area.  Access to the trap is through a double, offset baffle which means that a squirrel has to get right inside the trap before triggers the trap.  Most birds don’t like going down into holes and usually won’t go further than the top chamber if they enter at all.

The box screws closed making it safe from casual interference and can be mounted to a tree, fence, pole or other surface – either horizontally or vertically.

Assembled from a marine grade plywood with all joints glued and pinned, these boxes can be used straight away but we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that the boxed are treated a with a wood preservative before use and at regular intervals.

You can see a short video on setting the trap in the box Here

We strongly recommend the use of a Fineren Bodygrip Safety Clip with these boxes.

£1 from every sale of a Fineren Bodygrip Box now goes to support the Cornwall Red Squirrel Project.  For more information visit their website.

As mentioned in the CLA Land & Business Magazine Aug 2017

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