MINKPOLICE Remote Monitoring Alarm – MP10

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MINKPOLICE Remote Monitoring Alarm

MINKPOLICE is a remote monitoring device designed specifically for monitoring traps, but which also has a host of other security and monitoring uses.

Battery powered, fully waterproof and utilising the mobile phone network, the Mink Police alarm module is completely free standing. It an be used virtually anywhere, even in areas of weak network coverage, and needs no mains powered base station.

The simple trigger mechanism can be adapted to almost any situation and is not limited to any make or model of trap. All that is required to trigger the alert is to pull the magnetic key piece away from the alarm unit. A message will them be immediately sent to multiple email addresses and by text to one or more mobile phones. The trap can be monitored through an online web portal which is also where alert notification is configured.

Among the potential uses are:

  • Monitoring cage traps – triggered by the door closure
  • Monitoring spring traps – triggered by the trap firing.
  • Protecting livestock or property by detecting the opening of shed or stable doors.
  • Protecting livestock or property by detecting the opening of gates.
  • Protecting livestock or property by detecting trespassers – triggered by a trip wire

Additional and Ongoing Costs:

  • The MINKPOLICE alarm module requires 4 AA Lithium batteries.
  • Annual SIM renewal cost 20 Euros, paid directly to MINKPOLICE through the app.  First year included in purchase price.

Prices include VAT

MINKPOLICE was developed in Denmark and is already widely used in Europe and parts of the UK.

Benefits of the latest model – the MP10

  • Uses the latest multi-network technologies (2G + NB-IoT + LTE / CAT-M1). This will add two more future-proof networks to the 2G network already used by the MP5 trap alarm.
  • The new NB-IoT and LTE / CAT-M1 networks (so-called narrowband networks) are specially designed for the communication of IoT solutions, such as the MinkPolice trap alarm. Small amounts of data, such as those sent when our trap alarm communicates, can be transmitted over longer distances and under difficult geographical conditions (mountains, buildings, etc.). As a result, IoT devices achieve optimal network coverage even with poor reception. Another advantage of communication via narrowband networks is that data is transmitted in a particularly energy-efficient manner and the battery life can be extended as a result.
  • In addition, the MP10 trap alarm is equipped with an LED for direct status checking on the device (e.g. at the trap).

Evaluation units available on loan by arrangement and subject to conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

[expand title=”Is it legal ?”]


Without a legal test case it is impossible to give a definitive answer.

However, while the law requires that traps are ‘checked’ it does not stipulate how that check must be carried out.

Because MINKPOLICE gives the positive confirmation that ‘everything is OK’ we believe that this does provide a basis to cover the legal obligation.  However it must be supported by a physical visit where necessary and in good time; for example when an ‘activated’ message is received or if the unit has stopped communicating.

MINKPOLICE has already been used within the UK on government sponsored trapping projects in remote areas.


[expand title=”Is it reliable ?”]


The device itself comes with a two year factory warranty.

When in operation the server connects to the trap-monitor multiple times a day. Each communication checks the functioning of the monitor. The user does not have to monitor individual status messages by each and every device, but he/she gets an active alarm when one of the devices do not communicate as expected.


[expand title=”How waterproof is it ?”]


The MINKPOLICE trap-monitor is IP67 tested (waterproof down to one metre).


[expand title=”Can I buy spares ?”]


Yes, a full range of replacement parts is available


[expand title=”How do I set the units up?”]


Start by registering as a user on minkpolice.com

When you register your new device you may set how often the module should send status reports by either email or SMS. You may of course change these settings later on.

Activate the module by removing the magnet. As you remove the magnet, you should hear a beep. Wait for two beeps (about 40 seconds). Your module has now connected correctly.

Now log into your user account and check that module has connected correctly.

Attach your module to your mink trap, door or other system.

If you are not able to make your module connect to the webserver with these steps, please find advice in the help section of the manual.


[expand title=”How to I manage my units ?”]


All your units must be registered on minkpolice.com and the control panel allows you to configure the units.

When you register your new device you may set how often the module should send status reports by either email or SMS.

You may of course change these settings at any time.

The website interface includes an option to remotely turn off the default ‘beeps’ which the unit emits when set or triggered.  This is particularly useful when using MINKPOLICE for security applications to avoid notifying locally that the alarm has been triggered.


[expand title=”How long to the batteries last ?”]


4 AA Lithium batteries will last approximately one year with two daily status messages. The user will be notified actively as soon as a device shows a low battery charge. This notification will be sent plenty of time in advance so that the user has time enough to change the batteries. It is recommended that batteries of the type Energizer Ultimate Lithium (L91) are used as these perform much better than normal alkaline batteries.


[expand title=”What kind of traps are suitable ?”]


The MINKPOLICE trap-monitor can be used with any type of trap where a mechanical movement is involved when the trap closes. This includes cage traps, kill traps, underground pipe traps, bird traps, and traps on rafts.


[expand title=”Will it work in areas of weak network coverage ?”]


Even in areas of weak mobile network coverage, MINKPOLICE still works without any trouble. Every time the monitor communicates with the server, data packages of only about 1 Kilobyte are transferred. This enables the MINKPOLICE monitor to continue to work even where phone calls and text messages fail.


Additional information

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  1. cpatrick

    We purchased a MINKPOLICE unit a few months ago and it had proven extremely useful. It was easy to set up and is proving equally as easy to use. The unit has enabled us to continually trap in areas that are not routinely visited. Used in conjunction with the MINKPOLICE app I feel confident that we are notified as soon as the trap is activated allowing a quicker response time. This week alone we have caught 3 mink in the trap. In order to increase our coverage we are considering buying further units. I would certainly recommend this product.

    Conservation Manager

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