NoMol Mole Trap Pack (4 Traps)

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NoMol mole traps are based on a traditional European design originally made from sprung copper rod.  Now made of modern materials, they have been given a 21st Century refresh and are a formidable trap in the mole trapper toolkit. These traps are set completely below ground, making them less likely to attract unwanted attention and reducing the risk of lawnmower accidents !

Many of our customers use these in locations where theft or interference from the public is a problem.  Or sometimes where people won’t stop mowing their lawn !

The traps come complete with support sticks and setting instructions.  Used singly for ‘spur’ runs or as a pair so that a run can be trapped in both directions.

Price is for a box of 4 traps.

The NoMol trap now approved by the APMC.

A video on How to set the Nomol Mole Trap


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6 reviews for NoMol Mole Trap Pack (4 Traps)

  1. Spritchard (verified owner)

    I have 8 of these traps now and they have taken over as the favourite over scissor and plate traps. I bought the earlier version of these traps when living in France some years ago so I already knew how effective they are. I can how trap moles with sheep grazing the same field, I use a marker stick in the nearest mole tump and have no problems with sheep setting traps off if the run is deep enough. I the six months that I have been using these traps I have twice reset a trap having taken a mole to take a field mouse using the vacated mole run!

    Great product, easy to use, saves carting about all those bulky traps.

  2. Kevin Stock (verified owner)

    These traps can make up the catcher’s arsenal or merely compliment them. There’s times I use scissor traps due to the activity and location of the mole, but having these in my bag, especially for public areas such as playing fields and walkways, is an absolute must. Completely hidden, safe and easy to use, these traps are efficient and humane. More often than not, I catch two moles at a time with the NoMol set up.

    As a tunnel trap, I don’t think there’s a better product on the market, but I hesitate to claim that these are the only trap a mole catcher would ever need. Ive got 6 and I reckon another 4 will bring my kit up to being complete.

    Tip: Ive lost two triggers/chains while in the field. A 2p coin is a near perfect replacement for a missing trigger.

  3. pabloclarke (verified owner)

    Simple but brilliant. – Simply brilliant!
    After a frustrating year of very few moles caught with claw/scissor traps, and much damage to the pastures, came across these and bought a box. So glad I did, have now caught 3 good-sized moles in just 2 weeks, all same tunnel.

    The fact that they fit snugly in a tunnel, rather than just outside of it, means the moles’ wariness is not raised and you get a clean kill.

    They’re so much more effective than scissor traps. They really are excellent. Have just ordered another 6.

    Your site is fantastic – a great resource of information, thank you.

  4. griffnog (verified owner)

    Just to update my other review. Sorted an acre in quick time last year with these simple devices, activity again this year.
    Visitors from the field next door in the old tunnel system…..
    Sorted, no trouble……… Simples…….

  5. griffnog (verified owner)

    5 out of 5
    Simple to use and they work – after months of trying with complex gadgets that rip your fingers to bits…… Why tailor perfect holes to devices as to not make the creature suspicious when it meets this in the tunnel first. DOH!

  6. Malcolm Stiles

    About two weeks ago I bought two pairs of nomol traps from you. After 6 months of trying to catch the moles in my garden by various other methods. I have caught my first mole today with the nomol trap having only set them twice. They are very easy to use and they work. Thank you

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