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The Procull Squirrel Trap was designed and is manufactured in Britain – an up to date and humane trap it was added to the Spring Trap Approval Order for England in 2016.

The modern design includes several innovative features to make the trap simple, safe and effective to use :-

The striking mechanism is self-contained in its own mesh cubby, with integral baffles to guide the squirrel to the strike position for the optimum humane kill. There is no need to build your own tunnel or worry about correctly orientating the squirrel into the target area.

The powerful killing spring is engaged AFTER you have set the trap, allowing you to position an adjust the trigger in complete safety.

Pendula trigger means that the trap can be mounted horizontally or vertically, either way up.  No reliance in gravity to trigger a treadle plate.

Approved for use on grey squirrel only.
STAO Approval England [2016 Variation], Wales [2019],  Northern Ireland [2019], Scotland [2018 amendment]

Approx 11″ x 6.5″ x 6.5″  (280mm x 165mm x 165mm)

* Domestic Customer Favourite

Video: How To Set The Procull


Using the CageTight spring latch

The Procull now comes with a single spring lock.  CageTight latches are an optional extra which can be purchased here.

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6 reviews for *Procull Squirrel Trap

  1. Chris (via Trustpilot)

    Procull Squirrel Trap – Excellent product
    Quick delivery, great service / advice. Bought a Procull Squirrel Trap. Excellent product. Caught the squirrel that was feeding on my allotment. Had been after it for a few weeks, this trap caught it within a couple of hours, well pleased. Would definitely use this company again.

  2. Paul (via TrustPilot)

    Squirrels decimating my Cherry Tree

    Bought the Procull trap for Squirrels. Was delivered soon after the Bank Holiday, which was very good as I ordered during the Bank Holiday. I am inundated with Grey Squirrels and they are devasting my Cherry Tree. Tried one or two things but nothing worked. I reviewed this trap and it seemed to be the business. Was a little sceptical when it arrived as it was smaller than I expected, boy, how I was wrong. Five squirrels down in just over a day and still going. Just put in the bait, set and away you go, instant death. Made a slight modification by adding smaller gauge mesh on the sides and back to stop Magpies nicking the bait through the side panels. This must be the best £50 I have spent.

  3. Hilary Wigston

    Just to let you know that I set the trap yesterday and got 3 squirrels today. Very quick and easy. Once they had got familiar with helping themselves to the bird food it was a simple job of attracting them to the nearby trap by removing the accessible food. I used hazelnut oil and peanuts on a flat container lid in the end. No need to cover the trap as they didn’t seem to be able to get at the bait from outside.

  4. adsidevine99 (verified owner)

    Tried all sorts to stop them dam squirrels all the stuff they say “spray this use that blah blah” nothing worked Got this 4 day ago 3 days and got my first one had a little trial and error was not putting enough bait inside to tempt them put more in works like a charm really good product thank you.

  5. David Paterson

    Just to say, I received the Procull a week ago and it is first rate. Easy to use and very effective, with 5 clean kills in the first week.

  6. Pat Dickson

    I found this easy to set and it did the job within a few minutes of being put in the garden. I was at my wits end as to how to deal with destructive squirrels and had tried other options before taking the Procull step, i.e. a motion activated water sprayer, solar powered repellents and even moth balls. The most important thing I was looking for was a trap which killed outright and didn’t cause the squirrel unnecessary suffering and the Procull proved to be the right choice.

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