Welcome to Fourteenacre

Fourteenacre is a small, family business originally created out of our own interest in traps and trap making.
Agouti-Nets Agouti Nets has now become part of Fourteenacre, broadening our range of traditional products. Although our background is in trapping we have always recognised the important role that nets and net making have played in the countryside. So when Nigel told us he was packing up it seemed to make perfect sense to help keep that tradition alive.   Although the name has changed I hope that Fourteenacre is already familiar to you and we will continue to provide the same levels of service and quality that customers have come to expect from us both.   Our net making products can be found from the left hand menu and are all here.   While Nigel will no longer be directly involved in the shop he has not disappeared and is still fit and well. While we run the shop he will be spending a bit more time doing what he really enjoys - making nets. We will continue to draw on his skills and experience through his tutorials and instruction sheets in our knowledge section.