Genuine LOOMIS Norwegian Net Making Needles

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We carry a broad selection of the famous LOOMIS net needles going right up to the large 12″ needle.

These are imported direct from LOOMIS in the USA and are able to carry much more twine than a standard flat needle, useful for any net but essential for large nets where you really want a loaded needle.

This design of needle also has a split point making them quicker and easier to load.

In the photo left to right the needles are: NN3410, NN112, NN111, NN110, NN18

Only the NN3410 will fit through a 25mm or 30mm ring.
All will pass through our 35mm poke net ring and larger round fox rings

Additional information

Weight 70 g

NN3410 (3/4" x 10"), NN18 (1" x 8"), NN110 ( 1" x 10"), NN111 (1" x 11"), NN112 (1" x 12")


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